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What's Biting and When

Largemouth and KY Spotted Bass

Mid March through late November

White Bass

April  June July


Late March to mid April and  Mid June through August

Fishing Activity


The lake is into the winter draw down.  Currently the lake is clear, falling fast and 72 degrees.  Fishing has been fair.  This time of year its a good idea to have a variety of rods on deck.  Topwater, shallow crankbaits, plastics and jigs are a good bet.  Downsize your lures in fall.  Confidence baits are a premium.  A Yum ned dinger has been good for bites and numbers on isolated rock.  Keep a positive attitude, change presentations often and fish different sections of the lake over the next few weeks. 


Currently the lake surface temperature is 67 degrees.  It's about 4 feet below summer pool and falling fast.  Water color is sweet tea.  Fishing has been great, but the catching part has been a grind.  Most fish have come on a medium running crankbait fished on flats and points.  Any type of cover in these locations are holding fish.  Not much going on up top.  A drop shot fished vertically over cover has been catching a few.  A ned rig on docks has been fair.  Good luck this weekend and wear your PFD.


Lake mixing appears to have stabilized.  Currently the surface temp is in the mid to low 60's.  The upper lake is stained to muddy with the lower end being clear.  Elevation is around 10 feet below summer pool and falling fast.  This time of year is good for fishing your favorite crankbait and covering water.  A shad rap, DT, wiggle wart, middle N and rat-l-trap in shad or craw patterns are good.  Bait fish are in the back of major creeks until the water gets cold.

Try a black buzzbait or plopper on points and the back of creeks early.  Swimming a jig and twin tail in melon/red is pretty good in the afternoons.  Good luck this weekend. 


The cold nights have dropped the water temp into the mid to lower 50's recently.  Elevation is about 5 feet from winter pool.  Water clarity ranges from clear to stained.  Medium crankbaits are still catching fish off rocky banks and flats near deeper water.  Crawfish patterns have been good.  Some good spots are coming off bluffs.  Fish the bends with a jig and twin tail.  This is also a good time to be throwing an a-rig.  A flash mob with 3/16 heads and 4 inch money minnows can catch some quality fish.  Key on transition areas from the mouth of creeks to the back.  A deep bluff can hold numbers of quality fish in the creeks as the water falls.  Good luck this week.


Surface temps are right around 50 degrees.  The lake is mainly clear, around 5 feet above winter pool and falling.  Fishing has been fair.  Crawfish pattern crankbaits have been catching bass off steep banks and secondary points.  A model A bomber is a favorite as well as shad raps and DT's.  A windy flat near the channel is a good place to find fish feeding.  A rat-l-trap or spot is a good bait to throw.  Crappie have been biting on minnows and tube jigs over deep brush.  Happy Thanksgiving.


Currently the lake is mainly clear.  Surface temps are in the high 40's to near 50 degrees.  The water level is falling fast about 8 feet above winter pool.  Main lake points and bluffs have been productive.  A jerkbait has been a good choice for fish suspended off bluff walls.  A clown pattern elite 8 has been getting their attention.  A BC hair jig subtle trailer gets bites on channel bends with cover.  A shad rap in the craw pattern is a reliable go to for fishing points.  A small shad pattern swimbait fished on a 3/8 football head has gotten a few bites.  The bite has been best in the afternoon till dark.  They may not be as active as in the spring, but they still got to eat!