Nolin Guide Service

What's Biting and When

Largemouth and KY Spotted Bass

Mid March through late November

White Bass

April  June  July


Late March to mid April and  Mid June through August

Fishing Activity


Currently the lake is around 80 degrees, clear and at summer pool.  Bass fishing has been good early and lake in the day on top.  Plastics have been good off steeper banks and channel bends.  A shaky head worm on a 3/16 ounce head has been good.  Melon/red has been the preferred flavor.  Deep running crankbaits such as the XD 5 or 6 and the DD22 have been productive on long points.  A carolina rigged Zoom centipede with a 1/2 to 3/4 ounce sinker can get lots of bites.


Wear your PFD and stay safe.  


Bass fishing has been good recently.  The fish appear to have settled into a summer pattern.  Main lake points and steep banks are holding good numbers of fish.  Crankbaits in a shad pattern have been working on points.  A DD22 fished on 10# XPS  fluorocarbon is a good choice.  Carolina rigged stick worms are good.  A smoke/purple stick-o rigged with a 3/0 Gamakatsu EWG is reliable.  A favorite is a football jig in summer craw teamed with a chigger craw in green pumpkin.  Twelve to 15 feet is a good depth right now.  The night bite has become very good.  A 10 to 12 inch worm in plum has been getting good bites.  Fish brush in 15 feet of water.  

White bass are biting good early and late in the day on top.  A 1/4 ounce spinner in white, chartreuse or yellow is a good choice. 

Crappie are biting over deep brush 12 to 15 feet.  A 1.5 inch pearl tube jig on a 1/16 ounce head is reliable.  Key on brush along flats.

Wear your PFD and be safe!