Nolin Guide Service

Due to the covid-19 pandemic in Kentucky, I am not booking any guide trips until we get the all clear from state officials. Thank you for your contacts and I am looking forward to getting back on the water soon.  

What's Biting and When

Largemouth and KY Spotted Bass

Mid March through late November

White Bass

April  June  July


Late March to mid April and  Mid June through August

Fishing Activity


Nolin is about 2 feet above summer pool and rising slowly.  Surface temps have been around 70 degrees and might fall a bit this week.  Water clarity is clear to stained.  Bass are taking spinnerbaits and chatterbaits in the creeks.  Jigs and plastics are catching fish from the main lake points.  Darker color lures tend to produce best in the tanic water.  Black/blue, black/red and junebug are favorites.  Crappie have been in 3 to 5 feet of water near cover.  Casting grubs, beetle spins and tube jigs under a float have all been good.  White bass fishing has been good.  Fish are in major creeks  and in the river.  A 1/4 ounce rat-l-trap in chrome/blue has been good.  Small crankbaits, grubs and spinners have all been getting bit.  All ramps are open at this time.  Check with KDFW for tournament directives.

Let's all practice social distancing so that we all can get back to lake life and I can get back to guiding.  


Fishing has been pretty good recently.  The lake is right at pool, mostly clear and in the mid 60's.  Spotted bass are probably the most active.  They are taking spinnerbaits, crankbaits and finesse rigs off chunk rock banks.  Largemouth are taking jigs, plastics and spinnerbaits in the major creeks.  A buzzbait or jerkbait has been getting bit.  This is a good time of the year to catch fish using your favorite baits and techniques.  White bass have been good on crankbaits, spinners and grubs at the mouth of creeks, points and up the river.  Follow the schools of bait to the fish.  Crappie are still biting.  We are on the back side of the spawn so the numbers are falling off.  Tube jigs in chartreuse and grubs have been good over isolated cover in 5 to 10 feet of water.  I have no info on walleye or bluegill at this time.

Be safe, keep your distance  and wear that PFD.


Currently the lake is about a foot above summer pool, stained and in the lower to mid 60's.  Largemouth and spotted bass continue to bite well.  Shallow crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs and plastics are all good choices.  Black/blue, green pumpkin, crawdad and white/chartreuse are all good flavors.  Main lake pockets, points and rock banks are good places to start putting together a pattern.  Crappie are still biting off laydowns, brush and standing timber.  Numbers of quality fish are declining after the spawn.  A tube jig fished under a float has been productive in picking up dinner each evening.  A beetle 1/16 beetle spin in pearl or white has been good near shoreline cover.  White bass are chasing bait at the mouth of creeks and off points.  A small crankbait, spinner or white grub will get eaten.  I have not seen a lot of bluegill activity as of yet.  Walleye should start showing up in the upper lake in a few weeks.

Be safe, wear your PFD and follow the guidelines when at the lake.


Fishing has been good recently.  Largemouth are being caught on spinnerbaits, jigs, plastics and crankbaits in the creeks.  Chartreuse/white/gold, black/blue, green pumpkin and clown have been good flavors.  Spotted bass are taking jigs and finesse rigs off rocky banks.  Green pumpkin and melon/red are good flavors.  Crappie are still being caught on minnows, tube jigs  and casting grubs to wood cover.  The lake is stained, around a foot over pool and rising slowly.  Surface temps were at 70 degrees on Monday will drop back a bit with this cold spell.

Be Safe and wear your PFD. 


Bass fishing has been good the last week.  Largemouth are eating spinnerbaits and jigs in the creeks.  They appear to be mostly in a post spawn pattern with the larger fish are healing nicely from the spawn.  Chartreuse/white/gold has been a good flavor of spinnerbait.  Spotted bass are eating jigs and finesse rigs off rocky banks.  Melon/red and GPP have been good flavors for spots.  Crappie are still around, but scattered.  Some are setting up on brush 10 to 12 feet deep.  Tube jigs in pearl and minnows have been good choices.  Walleye should start showing up shallow in a week or two.  Crawler rigs have been a good choice in recent years.  The lake is clear to stained and near summer pool.  The recent fake winter has dropped the surface temps back into the low 60's.  The weekends warmer weather should bring the temps back up to a more normal level.

Be Safe and wear your PFD.  



Bass fishing has been good the last few days.  Good quality fish are being caught on spinnerbaits, jigs and plastics.  A chartreuse/white/gold spinnerbait continues to be a good choice with a swimbait trailer.  Green pumpkin jigs with a craw or twin tail trailer has been getting bit.  Shaky head finesse worms are catching numbers in the melon/red flavor.  Main lake points and creeks have been producing.  The lake is at pool, clear to stained and near 70 degrees.

Be Safe and wear your PFD.