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Fishing Tips

"A positive attitude and an open mind are true characteristics of all good fishermen"

-Kevin Van Dam-

Fall and Early Winter Crankbaits

As flood control reservoirs fall to winter pool, crankbaits are a good choice for catching bass.  Fish are moving with the falling water and cooling temperatures.  They are opportunistic predators and their diet quickly changes to the crawfish that are left high and dry by the changes in lake elevation.  Points and steep banks with chunk rock is a great place to throw a medium running crankbait for fish feeding on the crawfish looking for a new home.  

A crankbait with a round body and wide wobble is a good choice early in the fall season.  The wide searching motion imitates a crawfish tryng to escape. A model A bomber or wiggle wart is a good choice.

When the water temps start to bottom out in late fall, a flatsided balsa crankbait is hard to beat.  A shad rap in the crawfish pattern is a reliable bait.  A crawfish DT is proving to be very good.  The tight wiggle of balsa bait is hard to beat in cold water.